Monday, March 20, 2006


Buy Reductil

How it works?

This medicine contains an active component sibutramine хлористоводородный monohydrate which is type of medicine of antifatness. It works, mentioning медиаторы in a brain. Медиаторы - химикалии which are kept in nervous cells and are involved in message transfer between nervous cells. They are released from nervous cells as the message is transferred.

As soon as the message has been transferred, nervous cells then repeatedly absorb медиатор. Sibutramine prevents two of these медиаторов, норадреналина and серотонина, were repeatedly absorbed back in nervous cells. Норадреналин and серотонин are responsible that other processes in a brain have reduced mood and various.

It is thought, that sibutramine helps people to grow thin, increasing quantity норадреналина and серотонина, free to operate in a brain. It increases feeling of performance from meal and so forces you to feel satisfied after meal of smaller quantity of food. Sibutramine only license to help loss of weight with people with an index of weight of a body (BMI) 30 or above, and those with BMI 27 or above who also has other risk factors connected by fatness, type of a diabetes of type 2 or high cholesterol. It only it is offered to people in these categories which had difficulty reaching or supporting loss of weight more than five percent of their weight of a body more than three months, using usual programs of loss of weight one (eg the diet and realization). You should continue with a corresponding diet and the program of realization, accepting this medicine so that you were able to support your new weight after you have stopped processing. Your doctor should give you advice to help you with it.


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